About us

  • Year of establishment: 2005
  • Purpose of the association – sustainable cultural-artistic and social development of the communitie and the settlements in the County of Alba.

The purposes of the Association are the following:

  • Promoting the Romanian and universal traditional cultural values;
  • Promoting a sustainable, nature- and environment-friendly tourism;
  • Promoting and supporting study and research activities regarding Romanian history and civilization;
  • Revaluating, publicizing and presenting certain areas with touristic potential;
  • Restauration and preservation of archeological sites;
  • Environmentally friendly reconstruction and preservation of nature protection areas;
  • Carrying out environmental activities;
  • Promoting information and public awareness-raising activities regarding Romania’s opportunities within the new European context;
  • Increasing the communities’ contribution to solving social problems;
  • Youth education actions through art and culture, organizing courses, colloquia and other specific events.
  • Collaborating with different persons, public local authorities, other national or foreign institutions, governmental organizations and NGOs towards implementing projects of public interest in fields such as culture and tourism.
  • Involvement in projects of the local community, partnership with the public authorities and with national and foreign public authorities and non-governmental organizations which should support the realization of educational projects meant to develop the action-oriented spirit of young people.
  • Elaboration, editing and dissemination of books, periodicals, prints, flyers, brochures, audio-video materials, as well as other similar materials meant to promote the cultural-artistic activities of the association;
  • Developing some own activities – other than economic – intended to help the association towards self-financing;
  • Promoting and developing programs specific to culture and tourism in schools, highschools and universities;
  • Supporting the efforts of constructing, rearranging, modernizing and equiping certain social, cultural establishments, in order to carry out there activities with educational, cultural, humanitarian, social, instructing and charity-related purposes;
  • Organizing, promoting programs and campaigns regarding the civil society involvement in the administrative-territorial process at the level of Local and County Councils;
  • Organization and participation at cultural-artistic, scientific events, symposia, workshops, radio and TV-shows and camps conforming to the Association’s purposes.
Muzeu Bucerdea Vinoasa

Directions of activity and missions:

  • preservation and promotion of the spiritual cultural heritage: Living with Traditions – educational workshops, the Celebration of the Wheat Crown, the Craftsmen Work-shop for the Art of Sewing and Weaving;
  • Preservation and promotion of the local cultural heritage: organizing and developing the Village Museum Bucerdea Vinoasă, a traditional winegrowing exhibition;
  • Supporting the research and the revaluation of the real estate cultural heritage: research campaigns and exhibitions – the Dacian Apoulon - Piatra Craivii; the Memorial Park;
  • integrating a location for the public benefit: The Rural Cultural Center – The Apoulon-House.
  • Bucerdea Vinoasă nr. 80
  • Județul Alba - România
  • E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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